Thursday, August 11, 2011

India to Help Vietnam Build a Submarine Fleet

In the framework of building a strategic partnership, the Indian Navy will help Vietnam develop Navy submarine fleet. Cooperation in the field of defense is a fundamental part of the framework to build a strategic partnership between India and Vietnam.

Like Vietnam, the staff of the Indian Army in general and in particular the Navy has a lot of equipment originating from the Soviet Union and Russia. India is one of the foreign country to use as soon as Kilo submarines, with rich experience. Indian Navy ready to share this with Vietnam for the Navy plans to build a submarine fleet in time to Kilo.

An official of the Indian Navy, said: "We are helping Vietnam to build their submarine fleet. Our experience in the operation of Kilo submarines will be shared with them.

" The official declined to provide information, whether the crew Vietnam has provided practical experience on the Kilo submarines in India or not.

With his rich experience of India will help Vietnam build a submarine fleet. In the photo, an Indian naval officers outside observers by Kilo submarine periscope.

Vietnam has officially announced the purchase of six diesel-electric submarines from Russia in 2009 and most recently, Defense Minister Phung Quang Thanh has also spoken to confirm the construction of a submarine fleet of about 5-6 yearsto.

Currently in the Indian Navy personnel are 10 class diesel electric submarines Sindhughosh, this variant is exported to India's Kilo submarines of Project 877EKM.

Mr. Uday Bhaskar, director Institute of Oceanography Commodore stressed that Vietnam is an important strategic partner of India, we have much in common in the historical issues. "We both have a lot of weapons and equipment from Russia, so that India can bring technical assistance to Vietnam," he said.

Earlier during the visit of Indian Defense Minister AK Antony to Vietnam in 2010, the Indian side pledged to help Vietnam strengthen the modernization of the military, especially naval.

These include programs to upgrade the ships from the Soviet Union, also in the framework of the visit, the Indian Navy has transferred to Vietnam a lot of technical equipment to upgrade the fleet from Soviet Union.

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